Dear Hifidelio User,

within the Internet there is a huge number of Internet radio stations available for you. To help to navigate through the different offers the Hifidelio is using the" ShoutCast" Server. Hifidelio is accessing this server to obtain the different Stations and offer them within the Hifidelio Internet Radio menu.

The company, which runs this server, has changed the way how a program or device has to query these informations. Thats is the reason, that you only see very view stations. Radio stations, which are stored in your favorite menu, are still accessible. In order to use the search function again, we have to change the Hifidelio software. We have tried to fix this before the holidays season starts. But unfortunately we are only able to offer the new software in the second week of 2009 for a free download.

With best regards,
Your Hifidelio Team

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