Hifidelio Wireless Music Center

Music is everywhere. It's part of our lives. We all have CDs, maybe some LPs (yes, they are still around!) and perhaps even some cassettes. Recently, you may also have started listening to your music on MP3 players or even your laptop or desktop PC.

Keeping track of all your music can become quite a challenge. Where is that particular song you are looking for? Is it in the CD player in the car? Or is it in that pile of CDs in the living room... the ones you should have put away ages ago? Is it in the children's room? Or was it on the CD you lent to your friend last week?

Seem familiar? You've got to admit, with so many music formats and so many playing devices, keeping an overview of your music collection becomes increasingly difficult.

Hifidelio has been created to let you just enjoy your music again... without the searching. Just like that. At the touch of a button. And no need for a computer. What's more, Hifidelio has a few more nice little features up its sleeve, which, once you've had, you'll never want to do without again.

Find archiving hard work, time consuming? No longer... thanks to Hifidelio. Just put the CD in. The tracks are read and saved automatically. Hifidelio's "inner intelligence" even registers track title, artist and album. Over 2 million music titles are stored on the internal database. Hifidelio also let's you record your LPs and cassettes and even synchronise with your MP3 players. All your music on one single device... a device that can store up to 20,000 songs (depending on format). Brilliant!

Using Hifidelio is fun in itself. Just turn and select. Child's play thanks to the innovative "TURN SELECT" technology. Direct or remote contolled. Simple with Hifidelio.
Listen to your music. What you want and how you want it. Fancy something slow and romantic? Or rather some rock or party hits to pick you up? You choose - Hifidelio plays. With further Hifidelio's or satellites (accessory) you can even listen to your music in other rooms... without cables.
And should you want to take your music outdoors or put together a CD mix for your pals... a touch of a button is all that's needed. Hifidelio burns your selection onto CD.
You decide what you want Hifidelio to play. Track order, music type, artist or simply album after album. Perhaps just random?
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