This page keeps you informed about further developments of the Hifidelio software. To gain from the technological progress and the development of the Hifidelio software you may update the internal software of the Hifidelio via the Internet or using a Hifidelio CD.

How can I update the software for my Hifidelio?
Software changelog
Software update via Internet
Software update with the help of the Leonore web interface
Software update with the help of a CD

Hifidelio Nabucco

Android Tablet App

Warning ! The App requires at least Android Version 4.0.

Datei Version Date Size Format
App for Nabucco from Version 1.2 on 1.0 4.2015 2,0MB

Hifidelio PRO

Version 2.4

Warning ! The update 2.4.x requires firmware a version not less than 2.4. Do NOT load the bin file and update with the web interface when you are on version 2.3.x. More information can be found here: E-Shop

Datei Version Datum Größe Format
Update DVD to version 2.4.x (E-Shop) 2.4 02.2011
Binary for Hifidelio from Version 2.4 2.4.9 11.2012 5,0MB
Binary for Hifidelio from Version 2.4 2.4.7 01.2012 4,9MB
Binary for Hifidelio from Version 2.4 2.4.5 06.2011 4,6MB
Binary for Hifidelio from Version 2.4 2.4.4 03.2011 4,3MB
Binary for Hifidelio from Version 2.4 2.4.3 03.2011 4,3MB

Version 2.3

Datei Version Datum Größe Format
Binary for Hifidelio 2.3.28 02.2010 14MB
Binary for Hifidelio 2.3.27 12.2009 14MB
CD-Image (ISO) for Hifidelio 2.3.28 02.2010 43MB
CD-Image (ISO) for Hifidelio 2.3.27 12.2009 43MB

Software changelog

V2.4.7 (01/2012): Support of CD-Covers for FLAC music files.

V2.4 (09/2010): Support of CD-Covers. Hifidelio iPhone APP a.o.

V2.3.28 (02/2010): Changes of the Standby behavior and system Start-up and some smaller bug fixes.

V2.3.27 (12/2009): When a song was played the playtime of the songs has been checked. In some cases this could lead to response delays from the user interface. The routine for the playtime check was improved.

Software update via Internet

In order to update the Hifidelio software directly via the Internet, your device has to be connected to the Internet properly. You launch the update procedure directly on your Hifidelio. You find the corresponding update procedure as follow:
Firmware older than version 2.3.0:
Select directly from the main menu the option "Info" and then "Version".
Firmware from version 2.3.0:
From the main menu, select the option "Settings & Special", then "Hifidelio information" and "Version".

Press the function key "Software Update" and Hifidelio starts the search for a recent software update. If an update has been found, it is shown on the display. Press function key "OK" to start the update procedure.

After successfully updating the software, the Hifidelio has to be restarted. This happens automatically after displaying a short notice. Then all the new features are available.

Software update with the help of the Leonore web interface

If your Hifidelio is not connected to the Internet, you can load the current software version onto your Hifidelio with the help of the Leonore web browser interface. (Leonore is available in the Hifidelio software from version 2.3.0.)

Launch "Leonore" via your web browser. Click on the question mark (at the top right-hand corner of the window) to display the "Help & Service" page. The update process is carried out in two steps:

  1. Download Update File:
    Click the link "Download Update File". This link brings you directly to the Hifidelio web page from where you can download the current update software (this page you are currently reading). From this page you download the current update file. Save the update file onto the hard disk of your computer.
  2. Install Update File:
    Now click the link "Install Update File" and browse your hard disk for selecting the update file. Clicking "Send" (the text on the button may vary according to the operating system of your computer) starts updating your Hifidelio. You can follow the update steps on the Hifidelio's display. During this process the device is not operational.

After successfully updating the software, the Hifidelio restarts automatically.

Note: If your Hifidelio is networked with a computer which is not connected to the Internet, you can process step 1 on another computer (for instance at your best friend's location) and copy the update file onto your computer via an external storage medium (for instance one USB stick). Then you can launch step 2 from your computer with the help of Leonore.

Software update with the help of a CD

If your Hifidelio is not connected to the Internet, you can download the image CD containing the update software from this page.

  • Click the link for downloading the file onto your computer.
  • Unpack the ZIP file ( with a corresponding software (WinZIP, Stuffit Expander, etc).
  • Burn the unpacked ISO image (hifidelio_update_x_x_x.iso) as a CD. For that purpose, use the option "Burn image CD" of your CD burn programm.

NOTE: Do not try to unpack the image or to burn it as a single file on CD. Otherwise the update procedure would fail.

You can now update your Hifidelio system with the update CD produced as mentioned before.

  1. Switch off the Hifidelio.
  2. Switch Hifidelio on by pressing the On/Off switch (1) while holding down the Start button (5) until Hifidelio's display shows three CD icons and the Hifidelio icon.
  3. Insert the Update CD into the slot. Then Hifidelio starts using the operating system of the CD and the update procedure is launched automatically.
  4. On successful completion Hifidelio shows a message on the display and is automatically restarted in its normal way. After restart, the update CD is then ejected.
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