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We are pleased to help you decide to buy an Hifidelio Wireless Music Center and/or an Hifidelio ST-64 streaming satellite. You will find here the most important questions and answers concerning these products.

General information about Hifidelio
What is Hifidelio? Which models are available?
Where is Hifidelio available?

Hifi details
How do I connect my Hifidelio to the stereo system?
Can I also connect Hifidelio to the digital line in of the amplifier?
Can the Hifidelio just play my music CDs?
Can the Hifidelio play copy-protected music CDs?
Can the Hifidelio play SACD?
Can I set the headphones output volume?

Administration of your music
How are the songs organised on the Hifidelio?
Do I need an Internet connection to see the title of my CD on the Hifidelio's display?
What are meta information and ID3-Tag?
Can I create playlists?
How can I search for a particular song or genre?
Can I take over the playlists of my iTunes?
Can I copy music files from my PC's hard disk on the Hifidelio?
Is it possible to synchronise my PC's music file collection automatically with the collection inside my Hifidelio?
Do I always have to use my Hifidelio to edit and administrate my music collection or may I use my PC for this purpose?

Archiving, formats, media, coding
In which audio format can I store my music with the Hifidelio?
Which audio formats can be played back on the Hifidelio?
How many CDs can I store on the Hifidelio's hard disk?
Can I convert the format of the stored songs later?
Can the Hifidelio play back MP3-CDs or MP3-DVDs?
Can the Hifidelio burn MP3 files on a CD?
Can I convert files into any formats during their import or export?
How can I store my LPs collection or music cassettes into the Hifidelio?
Do I have to import all tracks of a CD at once or can I select only a few of them?

What means "Multi-room streaming"?
Which devices or "satellites" are requested for "Multi-room streaming"?
How many streaming clients can be connected to the Hifidelio at the same time?
What is meant by "integration with iTunes"?
Which security for the wireless network is supported by the Hifidelio?
Can I shut down the WLAN (WiFi) function?
Which options are available for the Hifidelio?
Is it possible to listen to radio streams for the Internet?
Does the Hifidelio perform real routing between the WLAN and the four Ethernet ports?

Extensions, ports, modifications
Has the Hifidelio a Firewire interface?
Has the Hifidelio a separate phono input?
Could the Hifidelio's hard disk crash?
Can I connect any external hard disk to the Hifidelio?
Which accessories can be connected to the USB ports of the Hifidelio?
Which iPod models of the company Apple Computer Inc. can be connected to my Hifidelio?
Which other USB players can be connected to my Hifidelio?
Can I exchange the internal hard disk of my Hifidelio by myself?
May errors occur during the import of music CDs into the Hifidelio, comparable to these effects using a PC?

Software maintenance
Can the Hifidelio be updated? How does an update work?
What is the aim of the recovery disk?

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